You want reliable hatch cover testing for your bulk carriers.

You need Hatchtite.

Martek Marine's unique simple hatch cover testing system ensures your protection remains - let's say it - water tight. You'll protect your cargo from hatch cover leaks, and of course prevent your vessel from failing inspections.

Using ultrasonic technology, Hatchtite enables you to detect hatch cover leaks early, to prevent future problems and reduce risk.

Small, lightweight, and simple to use, Hatchtite will make your hatch cover testing quick and efficient. Unlike traditional and time-consuming hose and chalk techniques, Hatchtite will reveal leaks with great accuracy. You can get straight to the problem without any guesswork, speeding up repair times and ensuring no delays to your voyage.

The simple device with a transmitter and receiver is so easy and quick to use that only one person is required to carry out hatch cover tests. The speed of tests in comparison to traditional techniques, combined with the single crew member required for operation, make Hatchtite a cost-effective solution for your hatch cover testing requirements.

You can even carry out hatch cover tests with cargo already loaded: the transmitter/receiver system uses ultrasound to detect leaks so no crew member is required to be inside the cargo hold during testing. This is particularly important if you need to carry out hatch cover testing during or just prior to a voyage, as there's no need to offload cargo: you can just use Hatchtite and confirm any suspected leaks within minutes.

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