Test anyone, anywhere, anytime: that's the motto of Narcoscreen drug screening kit.

Unlike messy, costly, and unreliable urine tests, Narcoscreen is an easy-to-use saliva preliminary screening kit.

You can instantly detect drug use with a simple swab and a ten minute timeframe. The preliminary kit enables you to make snap decisions on-board, such as the suspension of crew members until further testing, without affecting the dignity of your crew or affecting your operations.

Traditional drug testing on-board takes place with external contractors. There are several problems with this:

  • Crew will know when testing takes place and will be sure to not use drugs within a timeframe prior to the date, thus avoiding detection
  • External contractors are very expensive
  • You'll need to spend time in dock when you could be on your next voyage
  • Crew dignity is often not respected
  • Tests are usually urine or blood based: messy and presenting a biohazard
  • Specialist knowledge is required to interpret test results
  • It is difficult to meet post-incident drug testing requirements

Narcoscreen enables you to test your crew on the spot, at any time. They are requested to declare and provide evidence of any prescribed or over the counter medications - helping to identify potential false positives (such as a prescribed opiate-based painkiller). Then a simple swab is taken from the cheek, and within ten minutes any drugs will be shown on the clear indicators on the side of the test.

Anyone can interpret these results. This means there is no need for specialist training - just someone who has taken the included Narcoscreen operational test, which can be any crew member.

If a positive is detected, you will need to send to an external laboratory for further testing. This will not involve the diversion of your ship - and envelopes are included in the kit for your convenience. Narcoscreen is intended as a preliminary test and any results must be interpreted by the ship Master as deemed appropriate.

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