Your ships are a dangerous place.

Our crew welfare and safety products are designed to simplify your obligations as an employer to providing a safe working environment. Marine legislation is ever-increasing, and many of our products - such as the A-B-C system with portable gas detectors - are designed to be fully compliant to solve your regulatory headaches, too.

The marine safety products on offer are designed to be easy to use, affordable, and meet any and all legislative requirements. From Drinksafe™: Easy-to-use, accurate potable water testing kits designed to last 18 MONTHS & meet all compliance requirements, including GUARANTEED compliance with MLC 2006, to Lifeforce™ (the ONLY marine-approved defibrillator), we've done the research so you don't have to.

Our kits, such as Narcoscreen™ drug testing kit, have been created so that all you need to do is make one order. There's no more need for multiple suppliers, several deliveries, and the division of supplies to vessels. Everything is in one place, with one order - making your paperwork simpler and faster, your deliveries easy to manage, and your fleet fully stocked.

We take crew welfare very seriously. If we can't help protect seafarers, the shipping industry would fail - it's as simple as that! Your fleet is only as efficient as your healthy crew. We don't just deliver responsive kits like iVital™, the world's first fully affordable marine telehealth system: we also supply preventative safety measures to protect your crew. From Sentry™ - the cargo tank pressure monitoring system - to Hatchtite™ (our hatch cover testing device), you will know that your crew are covered from the very start of your voyage to the very end.

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