Is Your Hatchtite Performing Accurate Readings Valid By The P&I Club?


Over 40% of all P&I claims are due to damaged cargo caused by water ingress via the hatch covers. Leaking hatch covers are the most expensive cause of damage to cargo. 


The manufacturer recommends calibration every 3-5 years depending on the frequency of use. The unit stability and reliability will deplete if the last calibration exceeds this time. 


 Any readings that are taken with a Hatchtite™ that is not calibrated is open to be discounted or rejected invalid by the P&I Clubs and so jeopardising any insurance claim. In a court of law, any readings taken on equipment not shown to be in calibration will be disputed and disallowed.


 The service and calibration will ensure:

- All components are in clean and healthy order

- Transmitter calibrated will ensure correct decibel readings

- Received tested to ensure correct decibel being received

- Any parts end of life will be replaced and/or repaired


All the above will ensure your hatches are tested satisfactorily and significantly reduces the risk of contaminated cargo due to leaking hatches. 


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