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Try the revolutionary Triple-C gas detector for free!

We’re so confident in the power of the Triple-C that we’re offering a no-obligation, free trial. All you pay for is the shipping and we take care of the rest.

The Triple-C protects your crew from several of the most common gases found in a marine setting, with no charging, no calibration, and no additional costs.

Revolutionise gas detection on your ship and sign up for a free trial of Triple-C today!

Why is the Triple-C revolutionary?


3 years of battery life, including 90 seconds of alarm each day – so you never need to charge it! Saving your on-vessel personnel a load of organising and checks.


It doesn’t need calibrating – the innovative infrared LEL Sensor technology utilised by the Triple-C is much more advanced than traditional catalytic sensor tech. Thus, offering more reliability, quality and no calibration features – even more benefits for your onboard personnel.


It’s a maintenance-free unit, meaning that you won’t need to purchase new sensors or parts for the whole of the three years.

Can you imagine the headache, time and money the Triple-C will save you and your team?

Now, you don’t have to imagine it, you can take part in a Triple-C trial and see for yourself!

Revolutionise your gas detection in favour of our hassle-free, cost efficient and safety secured solution.

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