Single Gas Clip


  • H2S Measuring range: 0-100 ppm
  • Low alarm limit: 10 ppm – High alarm limit: 15 ppm
  • CO Measuring range: 0-300 ppm
  • Low alarm limit: 35 ppm – High alarm limit: 200 ppm
  • O2 Measuring range: 0-30% by vol.
  • Low alarm limit: 19.5% – High alarm limit: 23.5%*

Note: Alarm set points listed above are factory default. These set points can be changed using the GCT IR Link (sold separately).


Finally a reliable portable single gas detector that ensures constant protection against toxic gas in the harshest of working conditions.

  • Unmatched sensor reliability for H2S, CO or O2
  • Adjustable alarm set points & real-time gas reading capability
  • 0.1 ppm resolution for H2S sensor and display
  • Two-way IR comms for event downloads, bump tests & updates
  • Programmable individual detector identification
  • Simple to use one button operation
  • “Bump Check” confirmation/identification
  • No hidden service charges or maintenance fees
  • Lightweight & durable – clamps on tight with alligator clip

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