Protégé ZM

  • Features cutting-edge infrared sensor technology – immune to sensor poisoning and drift
  • No need to charge the unit – 2 years of battery life
  • Hibernate mode on the CO and H2S models provides up to one-year additional battery life – giving you 3 years of battery life
  • Requires no maintenance, servicing or sensor replacement
  • MED Approved (MED 0575) and lifetime warranty

Keeping Your Crew Safe Just Got Easier.

The Protégé ZM Single Gas Monitor is an easy-to-use, zero-maintenance gas detection solution that delivers high performance in a small, ergonomically designed package. It is available in oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide single gas models. This single gas monitor is incredibly reliable, giving you and your crew the confidence to focus on the task at hand, not on your equipment.

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Protégé ZM Benefits

  • Designed to provide two years of maintenance-free gas detection without charging or calibration
  • Available in Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) versions
  • On-board data logging capabilities record up to 25 events
  • Small and lightweight, 76 grams, so it is easy to wear


  • Three-point alarm (audible, visual and tactile) provide clear warnings to the user
  • Multiple LCD display options including real-time gas readings, monitor life remaining, or both
  • One-button activation, adjustable alarm settings and an easy-to-read display make the unit simple to use


What gases can be detected with the Protégé ZM?

The Protégé ZM is a single gas monitor. Three monitor versions are available including Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Carbon Monoxide (CO).

What does the “ZM” mean?

“ZM” stands for Zero Maintenance which means no battery charging or calibration is required. The Protégé ZM monitor has been designed to provide two years of gas detection without charging or calibration, under typical conditions.

How long will the Protégé ZM gas monitor operate?

The Protégé ZM has been designed to provide two years of gas detection. The O2 monitor operates for two years continuously once activated.

The H2S and CO monitors have a hibernation feature which puts the monitor in a deep sleep to extend battery life. The H2S and CO monitors can be hibernated to extend the operational life up to one additional year.

Should I calibrate my Protégé ZM?

The Protégé ZM has been designed to provide two years of gas detection without requiring calibration, under typical conditions. The monitor can still be calibrated at any time. You should calibrate per your local facility maintenance programs and safety guidelines. The monitor should also be calibrated if it has failed a bump test, been exposed to excessive levels of gas, exposed to chemicals which could poison the sensor, or if it has been dropped or mishandled.

Does the Protégé ZM stop working after two years of operation?

Yes, once the monitor has been in service for two years, the monitor will turn itself off. The monitor display will count down during use starting from 24 months. The countdown will switch to days once there are 30 days of use left. The countdown will switch to hours at eight hours
remaining and the monitor will beep periodically to remind you that the monitor is about to expire.

How do I hibernate my Protégé ZM H2S or CO monitor?

There are two ways to put your H2S or CO monitor into hibernate mode. First, you can send a hibernate command to the monitor using the IR Connect programmer and Protégé ZM software. Remember, event logs are erased on the monitor when the monitor is put in hibernate mode using the IR Connect. It’s recommended that you save the event logs on your PC prior to hibernating your monitor. Secondly, you can place the monitor in the Protégé ZM Test Station and hold down the “Bump” and “Calibrate” buttons simultaneously for several seconds. When hibernating using the test station, the event logs are erased and a copy of the event logs are automatically stored in the Test Station memory.

After using either method, check the monitor display screen to confirm it is blank, indicating the monitor is in hibernate mode. The monitor can be reactivated by holding down the Power button on the monitor.

Does the Protégé ZM have on board data logging capability?

Yes, the Protégé ZM records up to 25 events. If additional events occur, the monitor will overwrite the oldest event in memory with the new event. The events can be downloaded and saved on your PC at any time using the IR Connect accessory and Protégé ZM software.

What types of computer and operating system do I need to run the Protégé ZM software?

The software is compatible with PC’s running the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 7 are all supported. The PC also needs to be running Microsoft .NET Framework.

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