Marine Gas Detectors

Making sure your crew are safe at all times onboard your vessels are no mean feat, and once they are out at sea, their life is very literally in your hands. It’s easy to see legislation as a bind or compliance checks as an inconvenience, but at the heart of the reams and reams of regulations, is the safety of your crew.

It’s not a one-man job anymore to ensure all of the safety needs on a ship are covered, from calibration accuracy needing to be checked, to bump tests being logged, you need to know that the equipment you invest in is going to do its job. Our marine gas detectors and fixed systems are one area that you can’t cut corners.

Martek Marine are disruptive industry leaders in gas detection systems. We innovate constantly. This isn’t about the kudos though, this is our passion for revolutionising ship safety, performance and crew welfare. This is us intimately understanding what a day onboard ship entails, and all of the dangers.

It’s us reducing how many moving parts our products use to limit wear and tear.
It’s us extending the length of battery lives for minimum maintenance.
It’s us adding alarms that self-check equipment and alert you when attention is needed.

Those are just a few small examples of what world-class gas detection systems designed to make your life easier look like. You can trust them to keep you safe because we most definitely know exactly what they need to do when we design them.

Gas Tube Detection

When you need to test for gases where portable detectors or fixed gas detection systems can’t be used, in just a single snap, Martek Marine’s gas detection tubes eliminate the need for additional specialist equipment.

As the most accurate detector tube system available, you can easily test unusual cargos or use as a backup for your fixed or portable gas detectors whilst keeping your costs low. Available in a range of mixtures with easy to read precision and long shelf lives, these top-level gas tubes mean you are always prepared with reliable gas detection available in an instant.

Fixed Gas Detection

Whether it’s ship emissions or void spaces you’re monitoring, your fixed gas detection needs to be failsafe and continuous. That’s quite a tall order – so not only do you need the gas detection system to meet your gas protection needs, you need it to constantly check it’s doing that job around the clock too.

Your ballast tanks, cargo tanks, air conditioning and refrigeration rooms all need 24/7 monitoring. They also need full protection with no blind spots, which is why our fixed gas detection systems such as MM2000™ are bespoke solutions. Using a combination of sensors that can be positioned to cover all angles, the controller, and a combination of alarms, your tailor-made gas detection can be as versatile and intelligent as you need it to be.

Portable Gas Detection

Providing crew with portable gas detection as protection onboard is not only life saving, it is a legal requirement.

The IMO Regulation XI-1/7 – Atmosphere testing instrument for enclosed spaces states that “Every ship to which chapter it applies shall carry an appropriate portable atmosphere testing instrument or instruments. As a minimum, these shall be capable of measuring concentrations of oxygen, flammable gases or vapours, hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide prior to entry into enclosed spaces”

Martek Marine’s portable gas detectors more than meet the current and planned requirements of the legislation – they surpass them in terms of compliance and performance. Whether it’s portable four gas detectors, portable five gas detectors or simple single gas detectors you need, you want to know they’re going to last and are reliable.

Three years of battery life, immunity to sensor poisoning and drift, the latest infra-red sensor technology, no need to replace parts, no calibration needed. Any ONE of those features makes your life easier, and our portable gas detection range provides all of them.

We were consulted by the IMO during the drafting of their legislation for a reason – we’ve been innovating and providing world-class marine protection technology for decades.

Why is Marine Gas Detection Important?

Gas detection for vessels detects the presence of gases on ships. It can be used to detect gas leaks, measure gas levels, detect gases that are dangerous, and if certain spaces onboard your ship is safe to enter.

Not only is gas detection potentially lifesaving, but it will also save your vessel from costly fines and possible detention.

If you would like to find out more about any of our portable gas calibration equipment, we can help answer any queries or concerns you may have. Get in touch with us now.

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