Picture this – At the last minute you receive word a vessel is short on calibration gas. You’re forced to use a local supplier.

The gas you receive is of poor quality, has a short shelf life, and with the delivery, agent and launch boat fee’s – you’re paying over the odds on even single bottle shipping.

Chances are you’ve experienced this before.

There’s a better way.


  • Consistent, high quality calibration gas with market leading shelf-life
  • Shipped anywhere in the world from one of our 8 worldwide hubs
  • A managed service reminding you when you’re gas is due to expire based on shelf life or usage
  • Somebody who takes away all the stress of calibration gas supply
  • Vastly reduced administration and operational costs

The answer is FastCalGas 121.

All we need to know is what gas detection systems your vessels are using and we can calculate exactly how much gas you’ll need over the next 24 months, then send it directly to the vessel.

There’s no contractno long-term commitment and no risk of running out.

Speak to us today to find out more about how our 1-2-1 service can help you save time and money on your calibration gas administration.




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