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The most accurate detector tube system available

Our range of single use, multi-pack gas tubes are designed with simplicity in mind. A simple snap is all it takes to monitor the gas levels in any area of your ship.

Test for specific gas types with each detection tube available through Martek Marine – and ensure your gas detection costs stay low without compromising crew and vessel safety.

Ideal for all marine environments, our gas detection tubes come in a range of mixtures for top-level instant detection whenever required. Test for gases outside of the normal range of personal portable and fixed gas detection systems with gas detection tubes, without the need for additional specialist equipment.

With gas detection tubes on-board, you’ll be ready for any situation – and often covered for most legislative requirements, too (except SOLAS XI-17 personal portable gas detection legislation – see our Marine 5 for that!)

Always be prepared on your vessels for unusual cargos and their related gases, or have a simple tried-and-tested backup to fixed and portal gas detectors with our single-use gas detection tubes.

For a full list of our gas tubes, please contact us.

Gas Detection USP’s

  • The most accurate detector tube system available
  • Clear, precise and easy-to-read colour change
  • Long tube shelf life (between 1 and 3 years)
  • Complies to British Standard BSEN1231:1997
  • No need for ATEX Approval
  • ISO registered
  • NATO approved
  • Temperature-controlled storage facilities
  • Batch number traceability

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