Evolution EMS™ - Marine Engine Emissions Monitoring

Evolution EMS™ is the world’s first Type Approved (LR & DNV) on-board NOx, SOx & CO2 emissions monitoring system, providing a raft of operational advantages for ship owners, managers and operators:


  • Environmental best practice

  • Cost savings & increased profit

  • Real-time emissions data direct to your desktop

  • Freedom & flexibility

  • Regulation compliance
  • Price on Application


    The impact of air pollution from your ships is now under constant scrutiny from the world’s media. The marine industry has to act now in order to catch up with what other industries have been doing for years.

    At the same time, the new MARPOL legislation restricts you from operating your engines in the most efficient way possible, so you burn more fuel. You have more emission reduction regulations coming soon from the IMO, the introduction of new worldwide ECAs (emission control areas) and geographic zones where you will be taxed on your emissions. Then you’re faced with the prospect of monitoring carbon dioxide when emissions trading is inevitably introduced.

    You need to be prepared for these regulations; you need to be in control of how you report your emissions data; you need to be free to run your ships exactly as you wish. You need to invest in Evolution EMS™.

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    Evolution EMS™ remains the simplest way to comply with MARPOL Annex VI Regulation 13 and is the emissions monitoring system chosen by many of the world’s leading shipowners. The latest amendments to MARPOL Annex VI will result in major reductions in the allowable NOx emissions levels over the course of the next few years. These reductions will necessitate emissions reduction technology and onboard emissions monitoring as standard.

    ISO 14001

    Many modern shipping companies commit to the ISO14001 environmental performance management system. Under ISO14001 direct monitoring and reporting of air emissions using Evolution EMS™ is considered as best practice.Evolution EMS™ delivers totally accurate emissions data rather than relying upon relatively inaccurate modelling based purely on fuel consumption models.

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    Many sources outside the shipping industry are pressing for the shipping industry to fall into line with other industries and to take part in emissions trading. It remains to be seen if this becomes a reality but if it does, Evolution EMS™ is ready & configures for carrying out the necessary monitoring and reporting.


    Classification societies are now introducing environmental notations to encourage the highest level of environmental performance on new ships. In 2006 Bureau Veritas led the way by introducing their CLEANSHIP SUPER NOTATION which made the installation of a Type Approved onboard NOx monitoring system mandatory. Other class societies are reviewing their highest level environmental notations in relation to ship emissions.


    The Evolution EMS™ system has been designed to be ‘futureproof’ against future regulations allowing simple ‘plug and play’ analyser inputs ensuring no additional ship emissions reporting system will ever need to be purchased.

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