Martek Marine uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), known as drones, to carry out safer inspections for marine and offshore companies both internally and externally. 

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The complexities of the environment both internally onboard and externally at sea have, until recently, prevented shipping operators and energy companies from making the most of UAV technology. We can help you benefit from drone technology and the range of excellent data that can be captured without having to invest in the training or equipment, by providing inspection and survey services utilising our marine knowledge and experience. 

Superior qualities of UAVs designed for marine use include:

  • Unique drone builds to enable the safe use of a drone in a tank
  • Enhanced stability for safe use in high winds, rain and snow
  • Premium materials not affected by salt water
  • Greater power to cope with heavier payloads and unstable air pressure
  • Enhanced endurance UAVs for maritime reconnaissance
  • Waterproof housing for all essential components
  • Water belly landings as well as shore and vessel based landing
  • Capability for marine-specific payloads such as hydrographic LiDAR equipment

Using a UAV

Marine UAV

Drones can be used for a multitude of operations in the maritime and energy industry. At Martek Marine, we're proud to be world leaders in this area, bringing to you the latest in marine-specific UAV technology combined with the legendary customer service and marine pedigree associated with the Martek brand.

From ocean surveys to assisting with  inspections, and many more applications, drones are becoming the must-have tool for all leading ship management, repair yards and offshore companies across the globe.

Marine Drones

Marine UAV

The marine-specific drones are developed to fly inside confined spaces and handle conditions outdoors with ease, making them ideal for internal tank and confined space surveys, as well as offshore structures such as wind turbines and oil & gas platforms.

It's not just about safety, either: tasks carried out by drone allow for assets to remain live and reduce the time required compared to existing methods, producing significant cost savings.

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