Detect and Defeat Drones

    Safeguard your skies with a purpose built drone detection and defeat system.

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The threat from above

To combat these emerging drone threats Martek Marine have developed the D-FENCE™ superyacht drone detection & defeat system. D-FENCE™ detects and identifies commercial drones within a 20+km range, providing GPS positioning of both drone & pilot together with the drone’s speed & heading. Configurable and escalating stage alarms in real time allow the threat level to be assessed in good time to decide on appropriate defence actions.

    Once a real drone threat has been established, the system enables a 500m+ electronic ‘exclusion zone’ to be created around the yacht. Should the drone approach this exclusion zone, its control/video signal will be blocked, initiating its fail-safe mode forcing it to land or return to its operator.

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Detect & identify threats within 20km

  • Monitor GPS position & flight path
  • View historical drone detection data
  • Identify make & model number
  • All-weather industrial level design
  • Public or private cloud setup
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  • Disrupts the control signals between a drone and its controller
  • Fixed and portable D-Fence™ drone jammers available
  • Selectable operation frequency bands
  • Long-range jamming ability
  • Sealed enclosure (rain, sand and dust proof)
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