Marine Defibrillators

The welfare of your crew is your top priority and they want to know they are going to be taken care of in any eventuality. Being onboard a vessel means you don’t have access to hospitals and emergency medical treatment in the same way you would on land and the welfare of your crew falls in your hands. That’s why you need special considerations in place to ensure life-saving treatment can reach your crew should they need it.

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can happen to anyone, anytime, without any warning, and is the world’s biggest killer, claiming a life every 3 minutes and killing 3 million each year. This means it could easily happen to your crew on one of your vessels.

With our disruptive approach to maritime technology and our focus on ship safety, performance, and crew welfare we want to make sure your crew is backed up with the best available technology there is in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest.

The only life-saving treatment for such an event, when onboard a vessel, is the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED). If treatment with an AED is given within 3 minutes after a sudden cardiac arrest, the chances of survival jump from just 7% to 74%. Without an AED at all onboard your ship, the chances of survival reduce to 0 %.

We tick all the boxes

You need to know that your safety and medical equipment are suitable for your environment, and working on a vessel is an environment like no other. You have the potential to be far away from emergency medical help, with potentially limited medical know-how onboard and your life-saving equipment needs to mirror this.

Martek Marine exclusively Distributes LIFEFORCE MARINE AED’s, the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of AEDs. Their Marine AED’s are designed specifically for within the marine environment giving you and your crew the knowledge and reassurance that no matter what eventuality, their safety is paramount and all life-saving technologies are available to them.

We know that when crew members know their welfare is taken seriously, they take their job seriously and work harder for you. There is no reason not to carry a lifeforce specialist AED onboard your ship.

LIFEFORCE AED iS uniquely suited to saving lives within the marine environment and are:


Tested to military standards with an IP rating of 54 -55, this AED is suited to the harshest environments meaning it will work for you whenever you need it to.

Easy to Use

This AED has been independently stated as the easiest on the market. With guidance that takes the rescuer step by step through the life-saving process and technology that determines whether a shock actually needs to be administered, there is no chance of human error no matter the level of medical knowledge. If the AED detects electrical activity in the heart, no shock will be administered even if the button is pressed.

Great Battery Life

Increases the reliability of this device as well as reducing maintenance effort and cost.

Easy to maintain

You can rest assured your AED is functioning well and ready to save lives with self-test functions that alert you if malfunctions are found or the battery is low. No manual serving needed.

Lightweight & Compact

Weighing only 1.9 kgs you know you can get this AED to anyone at any time at any place within your vessel. Easy to pick up and manoeuvre giving you the greatest chance to administer the treatment within the life-saving 3-minute window.

If the worst happens…

… and one of your crew suffered an SCA, by carrying a LIFEFORCE AED you know that you were able to provide the best medical treatment you could within the marine setting.

You can’t take your role, and the life of your crew more seriously than that. Invest in a lifeforce AED on your ship and rest assured your crew safety is covered.

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