Alcohol Testing

Don’t let poor judgment and alcohol be that catastrophe waiting to happen onboard your ship. We all know working on board a vessel is no walk in the park. It takes crew members who are risk-aware, alert, and play by the rules to keep themselves and the rest of their crew safe within these hazardous working environments. Sometimes, however, poor decisions are made that can risk lives. Man overboard falls, and poor performance leading to accidents become a much greater risk when alcohol impairs your crew’s ability.

Martek Marine is committed to our three core pillars of ship safety, performance, and crew welfare which is why we’ve disrupted the maritime industry with world-leading technology that takes the safety of your crew seriously. We know that alcohol can pose serious risks to the welfare of your staff, so we’ve developed alcohol testing kits that fit perfectly with both your legal obligation and the marine environment.

Easily keep your crew under the legal limits.

It would be nice to know that all members of your crew can stick to the rules about alcohol consumption while working onboard your ship, but there are many reasons why someone might not stick to the rules.

Regardless, it’s the law that blood alcohol levels must be below a certain range to legally and safely carry out their jobs on your vessel. Carrying on board alcohol testing kits means everyone knows that you will abide by regulations and Alcohol Consumption. Just this knowledge goes a long way in helping crew members stick to the rules and stay safe.

If someone is suspected of being over the legal limit, our alcohol testing kit can confirm this and whether said staff member can safely carry out their job. Using out alcohol testing kit is the only way to make sure all your staff remains legal and under the legal blood alcohol levels while working for you.

It is the responsibility of the captain and senior officers to ensure that all members of staff abide by the rules, and having our Alcohol testing kit on hand is one way to do this.

Designed for ease in the marine environment to save you money

Traditional alcohol testing kits can be a pain to maintain properly, which can be expensive and time-consuming. There is also the potential to forget to keep it in working order so it can be used as and when it’s needed. Often, if someone is suspected of being over the blood alcohol limit, you need it then and there to determine if they are safe for work. If you find your kit isn’t in working order, you are left with a potentially dangerous and illegal situation.

With our truly innovative design, our marine alcohol testing kits make it easy to keep them up to scratch.

Most alcohol testing kits need to be manually recalibrated on shore every year or worse, entirely replaced. We’ve removed this laborious expense. There’s no need to send your kits onshore to get recalibrated, as it will NEVER need to be. We also don’t expect you to replace your alcohol testing kit each year. We reduce waste and expense wherever we can!

Always make sure you can keep your crew safe with an alcohol testing kit that will work every time—approved by DOT as an accurate alcohol screening test. Don’t let the drunken sailor be a stereotype on your ship. Use Martek’s Alcohol testing kits to stay productive, safe, and legal.

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