Collision-tolerant Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)

A quicker and safer way to carry out internal tank inspections

 The UAS is a collision-proof drone with the ability to fly in complex and pitch-dark confined spaces – a perfect solution for confined space inspections and survey.  


  • Integrated payload

  • Live 2.4 GHZ video feedback

  • Protective frame

  • Post-mission review

  • Continous Operation

  • On-board lighting

Price on Application

Improve Safety

The UAS allows you to carry out rapid inspections beyond the line of sight. This means you no longer have to send a person into dangerous or hazardous environments.

The operator can also carry out the inspection from above the confined space without the use of safety equipment such as portable gas detectors, scaffolding or ropes.

Reduce Downtime

The UAS can be deployed straight out of the box and ready to carry out visual inspections within a minute. Gone are the days of scheduling days of downtime.

Reduce Cost

It can be operated by just one person without extensive safety equipment meaning your costs of inspection can be significantly reduced. As the UAS is so quick to deploy you will also see a reduction in time and disruption to normal operations. 

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The UAS has been built to be used in harsh environments and especially for marine applications. In addition to the above features it is also:

  • Dust and splash resistant
  • Easily to use
  • Operational after a few hours of training
  • Robust – you can bump Elios into objects and people with no risk to either  
  • Operational in environments between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius
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Once you’ve completed the tank inspection you can work with the data straight away. No post-processing or specialist software is required.

You can easily view the Points of Interest (POI) marked during a flight and extract still images as well as the HD video of interest from your mission.

Data from the flight will be recorded on the SD card stored on the flight controller. The video stream recorded with the thermal sensor can be easily accessed and overlayed on the full HD video steam. 

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SUITSTM - Shipboard Unmanned Inspection of Tanks Solution

SUITSTM has been developed by Martek Marine Ltd to improve the safety of surveyors and crew members when inspecting tanks, eliminating the need to enter hazardous, confined spaces on board.

SUITSTM combines the latest in enclosed space drone technology and VR software allowing the operator to deliver a collision tolerant drone through the hatch / confined space entry and then remotely control it via a control console and video screen – the full inspection can be carried out from a safe location.


If you have a question that we’ve not answered, please send us a message or call the team today and we’d be happy to tell you more. 

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Understandably there are lots of questions about the UAS. We’ve put together this section with the most frequently asked questions and answers. If you can't find the answer to your question, feel free to get in touch and ask us.

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Q. How long can the UAS last

A. Each battery lasts for 10 minutes and each UAS is supplied with 5 x batteries. The battery can be swopped out in seconds to minimise any disruption to the survey..

Q. What is the range of the UAS

A. There is no fixed answer to this question as it depends on the thickness of the tank. The UAS has been successfully deployed in a ballast tank 15 meters long and 12 meters deep.

Elios is equipped with a cutting-edge wireless communication system that provides a live video feedback allowing the pilot to fly the drone into the most inaccessible places up to multiple hundreds of meters and beyond the line of sight (BLOS).

Q. Do you need to use additional lighting in the tank to carry out the inspection?

A. No additional lighting is required to operate the UAS as it comes with its own LED lighting so you can see what you are inspecting from the First Person View (FPV) on the controller.

Q. What does collision-proof or collision-tolerant mean?

A. The UAS is a robot contained in its own protective frame (or cage). This means it can be rolled around on the floor, bumped against objects and can safely come into direct contact with humans without the risk of injury or damage. With the UAS, you can also access the tightest spaces without the risk of crashing.

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