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Have you ever come out of a swimming pool with red itchy eyes and a sore throat? Somebody was too heavy on the chlorine levels. Imagine that on a much, much bigger scale and the implications of unsafe chlorine gas levels on-board your vessel become clear.

If you handle cargo that produces or holds risk of excessive chlorine gas levels, you need to be testing for it on a regular basis. Of course, you knew that. But did you know that you're currently wasting thousands of dollars every single year on your chlorine calibration gas supply?

You're using local suppliers to ensure deliveries arrive to vessels anywhere in the world. We understand that. But how many times have deliveries been missed? Or your calibration gas simply never arrived?

What about the time and costs involved in all of that administration?

You can simplify your supply with FastCalGas. We'll deliver your calibration gas anywhere in the world, thanks to our international hubs. More than that, we guarantee delivery - if your vessel misses the original delivery port through no fault of its own, we'll make sure the calibration gas is ready at its next stop, free of charge.

Our 27 month shelf life on the majority of our mixtures means you can order well in advance, too: reduce the number of deliveries and save thousands on costs.
To find out more about FastCalGas and how we can simplify your supply of calibration gas - be sure to get in touch today!

FastCalGas chlorine precision calibration gas mixture comes in a cylinder size 58AI and combination of 10ppm CL2/N2.

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