We're revolutionising the arduous task of inspecting ships' cargo tank/holds using specialised UAS drone technology. Soon inspectors will wonder how they ever coped without drones in this compelling application of disruptive technology. 

It's all been made possible by the development of a unique collision tolerant drone, camera & integral lighting system. The system can deliver a full HD video (with still images) survey in minutes, without the need for personnel entry into the tank/hold. Gone are the days wasting massive amounts of time and money on staging/rafting, whilst exposing operators to major & unnecessary risks.

SUITSTM - Shipboard Unmanned Inspection of Tanks Solution

SUITSTM has been developed by Martek Marine Ltd to improve the safety of surveyors and crew members when inspecting tanks, eliminating the need to enter hazardous, confined spaces on board.

SUITSTM combines the latest in enclosed space drone technology and VR software allowing the operator to deliver a collision tolerant drone through the hatch / confined space entry and then remotely control it via a control console and video screen – the full inspection can be carried out from a safe location.

If you're interested in joining companies like Chevron, DNV-GL, Maersk & BP who are `slashing the time to do cargo tank/hold inspections and getting high-quality reports safely at a fraction of what you're used to paying, get in touch with us.

Case Study:

CMA CGM ANDROMEDA- Ballast Tank Inspection

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LR Guidance Notes for Inspections using UAS 

The guidance notes on using unmanned aerial vehicles

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