Calibration Gas




RISK FREE calibration gas supply - On time. Every time.

Gas missed your ship? Having to chase quotes? Being charged too much? Faced with an admin nightmare EVERY TIME you buy calibration gas?

Buying gas doesn’t have to be complicated! 

• 98% of FastCalGas orders are shipped within 24 hours

27-MONTH SHELF LIFE – we use the best quality materials

FASTER & CHEAPER shipping thanks to a global network


• Account managed service

STOP the hassle. START gaining competitive advantage.

FastCalGas is your one-stop-shop for all of your gas needs. Our dedicated accounts team handle everything to ensure you get gas delivered straight to your vessel as and when you need it. We take away the stress out of procuring calibration/span and quad gas, as well as work towards saving you more than 50% on your gas administration costs.

In addition to LEGENDARY customer service, we offer a Lifetime Happiness Guarantee. If you're not happy with any aspect of our service or support, we will give you your money back PLUS an additional 10% for the inconvenience!

You'll slash administration costs thanks to a single supply to anywhere in the world (all down to our global hubs - the widest international hub network for calibration gas available). Arrange one bulk delivery, or deliver as-and-when your gas is required - it's up to you.

Our guarantee means we'll always get gas to you in time. If the world is against us (erupting volcanoes anyone?) we'll get it to the next port for you to pick up.

We also GUARANTEE compatibility - if you're not sure whether our calibration gas will work with your equipment, give us a call. We can provide conversion regulators - so you KNOW your calibration gas supply will be suitable when you use FastCalGas.

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