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Calibration gases (also known as span gases) are essential to the maintenance and performance of inspection equipment on board ship.

They are used as a referencing tool and act as a comparative standard for calibrating analytical instruments. Because of the instability and impurity of the gases used and the relatively poor quality of cylinders within the industry, most calibration gases have a short shelf-life of just 6-12 months. This leads to many problems when it comes to supply.

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This whitepaper looks at the process of supplying calibration gases and examines the common problems that vessels face. It also provides advice and guidance for potential solutions using real-life case studies to show how changes in procedure and suppliers can have an impact on operations.

  • Common Problems
  • Procurement Process
  • FastCalGas
  • 1-2-1 Solution
  • Conclusions


Bonus: Case Study – K-Line and CST
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Did you know that calibration gas wastage could mean that approximately 55% of your costs are being squandered? In addition to this, multiple re-stocking deliveries will need to be arranged for each ship. This will incur more freight costs, dangerous goods charges and customs’/agent’s fees.

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