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FastCalGas is your one-stop-shop for all of your gas needs. Our dedicated accounts team handle everything to ensure you get gas delivered straight to your vessel as and when you need it. We take away the stress out of procuring calibration/span and quad gas, as well as work towards saving you more than 50% on your gas administration costs.

In addition to LEGENDARY customer service, we offer a Lifetime Happiness Guarantee. If you're not happy with any aspect of our service or support, we will give you your money back PLUS an additional 10% for the inconvenience!

You'll slash administration costs thanks to a single supply to anywhere in the world (all down to our global hubs - the widest international hub network for calibration gas available). Arrange one bulk delivery, or deliver as-and-when your gas is required - it's up to you.

Our guarantee means we'll always get gas to you in time. If the world is against us (erupting volcanoes anyone?) we'll get it to the next port for you to pick up.

We also GUARANTEE compatibility - if you're not sure whether our calibration gas will work with your equipment, give us a call. We can provide conversion regulators - so you KNOW your calibration gas supply will be suitable when you use FastCalGas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the cylinders recyclable?
A: Yes, these can be recycled as normal, alternatively, you can send empty cylinders to a scrap metal agent, they can be worth up to approximately $2 / cylinder. 

Please note: Cylinders need to be empty before recycling. After which we would recommend using our recycle tool. The cylinder will then no longer be pressurised and no longer considered dangerous good.

Q: How can I dispose of used cylinders?
A:  We can supply a recycle tool (see website) which punctures a hole in the middle. Martek supply low cost, simple recycling tools to render the cylinders ready for recycling. The recycle tool renders the valve unusable rather than the cylinder itself. A hole can be drilled in the cylinder once empty; the cylinder is then just scrap metal.


Q: Can you supply 99.9999% nitrogen for the calibration of inert gas systems?
A: Yes. We supply Nitrogen in the following cylinders 34L (gas litres), 103L (gas Litres) 10 liquid litres.

Q: What type of valve connectors do the cylinders use?

A: Martek supply two global standard regulators, these are model numbers CGA600 Valve (71 series) and C-10Value (70 series).

Q: Which regulator do i need?
A: 17 litre steel & 34 litre steel cylinders require the CGA600 Valve regulator while 34 litre aluminium, 58 litre aluminium & 103 litre steel cylinders need the C-10 Valve regulator.

Q: Where are your stocks held?

A: We have an expanding international stocking policy and currently we have stocks of gases in the following locations: UK, UAE, Singapore, the USA, Netherlands & China.

Q: How long does it take for our order to get to the ship's agent?

A: This is dependent on where your ship is in the world. If your vessel is calling at a port where stocks are held, despatch can be arranged within hours. If the gases need to be air freighted then the delivery from a stocking centre will take between 24 hours and 1 week for the most inaccessible regions. You will of course be advised of delivery times at the point of order.

Q: Why can you ship calibration gas quicker and easier than other suppliers?
A: Firstly, we have built a global supply chain management system to anticipate the demands of the dynamic maritime market and secondly we have huge experience of shipping hazardous gases worldwide so we can operate a lean process of order processing.

Q: Are your cylinders suitable for portable gas detectors?

A: Yes - Most modern portable gas detectors are designed to monitor as multiple gases and we provide a range of quad gases for the accurate calibration and testing of portable multi-gases. We also supply cylinders for fixed gas detectors. 

Q: How do I apply the gas onto the sensor heads?

A: The manufacturer of your instrument should provide calibration instructions and an adapter to allow you to do this. With every regulator supplied with the calibration gas, we will also give you flexible tubing, this will 'push-fit' onto a range of manufacturer's adapters. We only supply the tubing if it is ordered, we do not supply as standard. 

Q: How do I know your gases are the same quality as what I am currently buying?

A: We are ISO9001:2008 and we are now supplying some of the key OEM's in gas detection following extensive testing. We have 13 years experience and are a PRIME manufacturer of speciality gases to major oil and gas companies worldwide.

Q: What's the benefit for my company of switching our business to the fastcalgas?

A: Converting to fastcalgas will give you a reliable worldwide calibration gas service, due to strategic (and expanding) stocks around the world. The service is designed specifically for the marine industry where we endeavour to make whole process simple and pain free. You can immediately order online and check against a firm stock availability and competitive delivered price, and with all hazardous cargo paperwork taken care of, there is no complicated exchange of communications.

Q: How can I trust Martek will be reliable? What guarantees can you give me?
A: We simply ask you to give us a try! We are confident that our expertise in serving the marine industry and our friendly nature will see us building a long term relationship. We also offer a complete compatibility guarantee on your portable detectors. If we don't get it right the first time, we'll send the correct on FOC.

Q: What credit payment terms can you give me?

A: Unless an existing customer, all credit payment terms will be subject to an initial credit check, however, once we are satisfied we will offer a credit limit of £4,000 on 30 days payment terms.

Q: Can you hold stocks for our vessels calling at certain ports?

A: At the moment we are able to hold stocks in UK, USA, UAE, Singapore, Netherlands and China. However, we will be continuously looking at ways to expand the global service. We are willing to investigate any opportunities where we may be able to serve you further at certain ports.

Q: How many sensors can I test with each canister?

A: See the manufacturer's instructions. Fixed flow regulators are usually set at 0.5 LPM or 1 LPM , therefore the gas used depends on time x volume of gas.

Q: What is the lifespan of your gases?

A: Warranty details for each gas cylinder can be seen on the datasheets.

Q: What benefits can you offer for a fleet deal?

A: Fleet deals need to be discussed and agreed on a case by case basis, but we are willing to accommodate such circumstances.

Q: How can I sign an annual agreement with Martek to supply our calgas requirements?

A: Simply ask us, we want to make your ordering experience as simple as possible.

Q: Why have you quoted a different mixture to the one I asked for? Will it still be effective?
A: We would only ever quote a different mixture if the one you have asked for is unsafe or if we don't have the mixture in our stocking range but we have an alternative that will be equally effective at calibrating your gas detection equipment.

Q: Why do some gases take longer to despatch than others?
A: Some gases have a slightly longer production process due to the requirement to have gases stabilised over a minimum amount of time: however, our gas stocks have been determined by our customers. Where we see demand for gases that might usually take longer, we will arrange to have these stocked in our hubs.

Q: Can cylinders be refilled?
A: No, our non-refillable cylinders must NEVER be refilled.

Q: Where can you get gas to the quickest?
A: UK, USA, UAE, Shanghai, Singapore, Netherlands and China. 

Q: Will you offer a discount for bulk orders, loyalty rates?
A: We value loyal customers and we are continually looking at how we can reward them. Although discounts may be applied in special circumstances and on an individual customer basis - we would like to think that our good service is enough of a reason to come back.

Q: Is it certified?
A: Yes, all gases are traceable to European (EN) and American (ISO) standards.

Q: How do I know when the cylinder is full/empty?
A: The regulator has a contents gauge that gives a clear indication of the volume of gas in the cylinder.

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity?
A: No, you can order single cylinders if you require.

Q: Can I mix types?
A: Yes.

Q: What flow rates can I have?
A: We can supply a large range of flow rates but generally they are typically between 0.5 and 1.5 litres per minute (LPM).

Q: How do I store Calibration Gas?
A: Dry and at room temperature of 20 deg C is best.

Q: If you miss the vessel when ordering in good time, will you organise and pay the onward carriage costs to the next port?
A: This would be discussed at the time as this depends upon the circumstances.

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