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Why you need regular services from approved technicians

Posted on 8th August 2018

Last week, we spoke about how ‘pirate’ parts are voiding type approval, but what about if you’ve made sure you buy legitimate parts?

What’s the next step in ensuring your equipment isn’t going to let you down?

Regular servicing.
Approved engineers.

Simple. You knew that, but not everybody actions it. Here’s why it’s important.

Fast fault finding – Approved Engineers know your equipment inside out, meaning they’ll quickly find faults and know how to fix it the first time, meaning no costly multiple service reports and spares.

Peace of mind – An approved, and in line manufacturers guarantee, technician giving your system a clean bill of health leaves you with no niggling feelings of a sudden breakdown and no guarantee cover.

Spares too – As any spares are replaced by an approved technician, these too will be covered on your warranty

Training – With Martek engineers, your crew can be taught proper maintenance procedures to ensure the system continues to run optimally until your next service, including how to correct basic faults. You’ll also benefit from free 24 hours troubleshooting and remote support.

Impress – Inspectors and surveyors can be assured the system has been signed off along with the manufacturers branded service reports, demonstrating a fully operational system.

Remember, 3rd parties are not specially trained on your essential systems.

The equipment is there for the safety of your crew and a cheaper service should not be the reason this is compromised. You need high-quality, life-saving equipment, and you need it in top working order.

Approved doesn’t mean expensive

Martek offers fixed cost service contracts. How can you benefit from this?

More visibility on maintenance costs – understanding what the costs will be prior to receiving a final invoice instead of unpleasant surprises post work. It will also make your annual budgeting per vessel much simpler.

Includes all consumable parts – no nasty surprises and assurances that system has been given a clean bill of health by the experts.

More cost effective – by tying into service contracts you’re protected from any annual price increases.

No stress – Martek will be in touch when service is due and mutually agree the most cost-effective port. Ensuring your calibration certificate is renewed with ease.

Ensure your systems are serviced by qualified and competent engineers approved by the manufacturers.

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