New drinking water tests from Martek reduce risk from potentially fatal pathogens

Martek Marine, leading manufacturer of maritime safety equipment, is introducing potable water testing kits to its product range, designed to meet the regulations on drinking water which come into force with the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) in August 2013. The only standard kit guaranteed to meet all legislation and flag state requirements, Drinksafe has been designed to be the easiest kit on the market, providing effective testing for the presence of harmful bacteria and toxins, corrosion related contaminants and pH/Chlorine levels. Continue reading “New drinking water tests from Martek reduce risk from potentially fatal pathogens”

Defibrillator saves life of surfer clinically dead for five minutes

When Ryan Kim was found underwater without a pulse and not breathing, he was close to death by drowning. His friend, Dan, rushed to alert the attention of the lifeguards. Soon he was on the back of a Jet Ski and back on dry land, but he still wasn’t out of danger yet.

After 4 sets of CPR the team of experienced lifeguards still couldn’t stabilise the Korean student; he had suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Ryan needed a defibrillator to save his life and he needed it quickly – luckily the Lifeguard tower was equipped with the lifesaving equipment. Enlisting the help of a passer-by, the defibrillator was rushed to the victim’s aid and thankfully reached the scene within a few minutes, increasing the student’s chances of survival dramatically. Continue reading “Defibrillator saves life of surfer clinically dead for five minutes”

Martek revolutionises electronic chart updates

Leading manufacturer of maritime electronics and safety systems, Martek Marine, will launch its iECDIS in the coming months with unique built-in GSM mobile connectivity technology. iECDIS provides wireless updates ranging from simple daily Notices to Mariners to the full chart downloads required each month by law. This is the first ECDIS system which doesn’t rely on time-consuming and logistically challenging physical disc updates or expensive VSAT or broadband downloads. Continue reading “Martek revolutionises electronic chart updates”

Marine Environmental Best Practice – Evolution EMS™

Environmental Leadership

Are you an innovator? Forward thinking? Committed to environmental leadership? Do you set the standards that others try to follow? It’s easy to claim to be an environmental leader but how do you demonstrate that your whole corporate philosophy is committed to environmental best practice?

Installing Evolution EMS™ to provide onboard emissions monitoring on your vessels is a statement of your commitment. It shows that your company cares enough about protecting our planet to take the proactive steps to back up your statements of intent. Continue reading “Marine Environmental Best Practice – Evolution EMS™”

What is ECDIS?

An Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) is a computer-based navigation system that complies with IMO regulations and can be used as an alternative to paper navigation charts. Integrating a variety of real-time information, it is an automated decision aid capable of continuously determining a vessel’s position in relation to land, charted objects, navigation aids and unseen hazards. Continue reading “What is ECDIS?”

BNWAS Switched Off – Grounding Probe Blasts Lack of Safety Compliance

A UK accident investigation by the Maritime Accident Investigations Branch (Maib) into the grounding of the containership Karin Schepers has revealed a series of failures by the ship’s officers to implement recent industry safety measures and the safety-management policy of its operator.

Ship’s Master Was Asleep and Intoxicated

It was found that the ship’s master was asleep and intoxicated at the time the 803-teu vessel grounded on the UK’s Cornish coast on 3rd August 2011. The sound of music and his snoring could be heard on the bridge. Continue reading “BNWAS Switched Off – Grounding Probe Blasts Lack of Safety Compliance”

Fleet Wide Defibrillator Order Highlights Trefin Tankers’ Commitment to Crew Welfare

Trefin Tankers (GR) recently equipped their entire fleet of vessels with the Lifeforce AED from Martek Marine to provide effective treatment in the event of any of their crew suffering a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) while at sea.

SCA is the world’s biggest killer claiming the lives of around 3 million people worldwide each year. Using a defibrillator to restore a normal heart rhythm within the first 3 minutes can improve survival rates by up to a staggering 70%. For every minute after this that elapses, the chances of survival reduce by 10%. Without an on-board defibrillator the chances of surviving an SCA at sea are zero. Continue reading “Fleet Wide Defibrillator Order Highlights Trefin Tankers’ Commitment to Crew Welfare”

Does Your Existing Dead Man Alarm Comply With SOLAS BNWAS Requirements?

There are a number of companies who already have a simple dead man alarm or similar type of system installed on some of their vessels and are unsure whether or not this is sufficient for compliance with SOLAS Regulation V/19 BNWAS requirements.

In some cases they may be able to get an exemption from the BNWAS regulations but this is not always the case. The existing system still needs to meet certain requirements and so we have produced a checklist of required features to help give you determine whether your existing system is compliant. The following is only a guide and if you are at all unsure then you should check with your relevant class society or flag authority. Continue reading “Does Your Existing Dead Man Alarm Comply With SOLAS BNWAS Requirements?”

Martek Forges New Business in Greek Market!

Martek have just returned from a hugely successful product launch hosted in Athens, the centre of the Greek shipping industry for their new Navgard™ BNWAS system.

A live formal presentation followed by hands on demonstrations of products and services was given to the packed audience at the Metropole Hotel Conference Suite.

The event was hosted in conjunction with AGV, Martek’s Agent in the Greek region. Continue reading “Martek Forges New Business in Greek Market!”

Martek Wins H2S Gas Detection Contract from Canadian Navy

Martek Marine has signed a breakthrough contract with the Canadian Navy. The deal will see Martek supply 12 MM2000 marine gas detection systems, with Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) capability, to the Canadian Navy’s fleet of Halifax-class multi-role patrol frigates based in Victoria, British Columbia, and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

This is the first contract that Martek, one of the leading manufacturers of marine safety and environmental monitoring systems, has secured with the Canadian Navy and the H2S monitoring technology will be fitted on the Halifax-class ships while they are in port over the next 12 months. Continue reading “Martek Wins H2S Gas Detection Contract from Canadian Navy”