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Meet The Team – Guy Wells – EMEA/APAC Marine Sales Manager

Posted on 12th July 2021

Guy Wells is our newly appointed EMEA/APAC Marine Sales Manager, having recently been promoted. Having been with Martek for just over three years, he talks about his progression and journey within the company and what it is like working in the current climate we all find ourselves in.

How long have you worked at Martek?

I have been with Martek since March 2018.

What was your role when you first started here at Martek?

I started off as a Sales Support Executive for a few months, then moved to the FastCalGas Team and more into the Marine team. Then I moved up to Regional Sales Manager and now I’m here at EMEA/APAC Marine Sales Manager the EMEA/APAC Marine Sales Manager position.

You have recently been promoted to the position of EMEA/APAC Marine Sales Manager! When did you start at your new position?

I have been in this new role since about the start of May.

What would you say your Martek journey has been like?

From Sales Support to here has been challenging, but also really rewarding. Having the opportunity to go from Sales Support to progress all the way up to managing the entire team has been so rewarding, it’s something I’m really proud of.

What kind of responsibilities do you have now for your new role?

I am responsible for the entire Marine budget and look after both the EMEA and APAC teams and sales, I’ll support them in any way I can.

I will collate and put together our targets as well as sales strategies. I also do all the coaching for the teams which is all completely internal to really help us be the best we can be and progress.

How are you finding working from home?

It’s challenging. I have a three-year-old and comes in to watch TV very loudly next to me sometimes. But obviously, the part about working from home which can be seen by some as hindering, is also quite a good thing. When I have lunch or I finish work for the, I’m already here with him, which is so positive.

Are you looking forward to going back into the office?

Yeah, it will be good to get back! I do miss the atmosphere we all create together at the office, especially being in the sales team, when you are all apart, you kind of loose that buzz you get.

It will certainly be good and beneficial, even if it is just 2-3 days a week, rather than completely back to normal. Getting that buzz and that atmosphere back will really help everyone out. It’ll be great!

Definitely! Outside of Martek, what sort of things do you like to get up to?

I honestly, spend a lot of time watching football!

I also like to get down to the gym, unfortunately, not as much over the COVID-19 pandemic but, at least that’s getting back to normal a bit more now! I would say those are my two main hobbies.

I also love spending time with my family outside of working hours too.

What sort of thing would you advise to any new starters or people who are wanting to join Martek in the future?

I would say, if you are looking to work somewhere that will really reward your enthusiasm, all your hard work and creativity, then Martek really is a great opportunity for that, it’s a really good company to go to.

You will be challenged. It can be tough. But the work and the people here are great. You will always have a steady, supportive network there for you, not just from within your own team either, but company wide.

If you want to go to a company where you will be used to your full potential and you will be used to the best of your ability, the definitely give it a go. You really will be rewarded with it.

Would you say that the progressing opportunities are good within the company, having being someone who worked their way up yourself?

Definitely, 100%. Like you say, using myself as an example, before Martek, I worked at a call centre, doing customer service work after university and sometimes with that, you often don’t see as many progression routes as you would like. I took the role at Martek as a step up in terms of an admin role and the progression since then has been great. I would not have anticipated when I first started in a Sales Support role three years ago, that I would end up managing the entire sales team.

So yes, the progression certainly is there for anyone who wants to push themselves to go for it and are up for challenging yourself. It’s what you want to put in, you’ll gain.