Meet Sarah, our Global Sales Manager for FastCalGas & Aftersales.

Having been with Martek for just over 4 years now, you can read about her journey with us at Martek and what it is like working in this industry in our current climate.

How long have you worked at Martek?

I have been at Martek for just shy of 4 and a half years now.

What was your role when you first started here at Martek?

When I first started, I was FastCalGas Account Manager.

What sort of roles were you in before Martek?

My role before Martek were mainly customer service based. Retail and inbound customer service call centre roles.

What does your day-to-day role consist of?

My role is a bit of everything! It can go from managing teams on both sides of the world to coaching or statistics and KPI monitoring, sales, processing and meetings… you name it!

What would you say your Martek journey has been like?

It has been an absolute rollercoaster. Constantly running to keep up/ stay ahead but I love the pace and the people we have here are incredible to be sharing it all with.

What kind of responsibilities do you have now for your new role?

My role now consists of overseeing the sales for two of our global divisions. Helping my guys with their technique, any technical information they might need help with, keeping their morale up to keep pushing, even some front-line sales and processing myself when my help is needed!

How are you finding working from home?

It was nice but quiet. Martek is a flexible company anyway, but increased flexibility is definitely something I have gotten used to. I’m still finding myself getting carried away and forgetting to eat lunch though!

Are you looking forward to going back into the office?

I’m personally already back, and I’m definitely enjoying being around people again (in limited amounts and all socially distanced of course). I’m not entirely sure how my dog is coping with me being back though.

Outside of Martek, what sort of things do you like to get up to?

I’m an equestrian and love going horse riding every week. Other than that, I am incredibly lazy! I love nothing more than chilling out watching my current favourite TV series or gaming on various consoles.

I am also partial to a good nap on the weekends. Outside of covid, I really enjoy going on adventures to new places or new restaurants. I’ve got to say, I love my food!

What sort of thing would you advise to any new starters or people who are wanting to join Martek in the future?

It is hard work. We are a far smaller company than many of our major competitors, but our name is just as big as them if not bigger! There is a reason for that. If you are an intelligent, hard-working, high energy goofball; then you are definitely for us.

Come and join us on the dark side… we have cookies!

Would you say that the progressing opportunities are good within the company, having being someone who worked their way up yourself?

The best piece of advice I ever received was from my previous manager at Martek. It was; if you want progression, make it! Find your niche, grow into it and make it into a role.

We are a rapidly growing business so new roles are bound to be created as we expand. If you plan to sit and wait for progression to come to you in the form of an existing role opening up, you might be waiting a while. I have progressed 3 times in my time at Martek and not one of my roles has been one that was done before me. Create your own path.