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Marine Environmental Best Practice – Evolution EMS™

Posted on 17th March 2013

Environmental Leadership

Are you an innovator? Forward thinking? Committed to environmental leadership? Do you set the standards that others try to follow? It’s easy to claim to be an environmental leader but how do you demonstrate that your whole corporate philosophy is committed to environmental best practice?

Installing Evolution EMS™ to provide onboard emissions monitoring on your vessels is a statement of your commitment. It shows that your company cares enough about protecting our planet to take the proactive steps to back up your statements of intent.

Reducing CO2 Emissions and Fuel Consumption

How can you reduce your company’s CO2 emissions and your fleet’s fuel consumption?

Installing Evolution EMS™ enables you to optimise your engines in order to reduce your vessels’ fuel consumption which, in turn, reduces your carbon dioxide emissions. For every tonne of fuel saved, your vessels’ carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 3.4 tonnes. Installing Evolution EMS™ across your fleet could reduce your carbon footprint by the equivalent emissions of hundreds of thousands of cars per year.

Total Ship Emissions Reporting

Do you know how much emissions your ships are producing? How difficult would it be for you to report this figure accurately?

Major charterers are now looking for detailed and accurate reporting of the total ship emissions for each voyage undertaken whilst under their charter. These large organisations are influenced by both ISO14001 environmental standards and a need to be totally transparent to their shareholders, consumers and the various regulatory bodies. Evolution EMS™ delivers all emissions data for you and your customers in a user friendly format that can be accessed remotely via the Internet.

Differentiation of Your Fleet to Oil Majors

What makes your fleet more appealing to charter than your competitor’s?

Oil majors have already adopted ‘green chartering’ policies when considering which tankers they will accept to carry their oil. Evolution EMS™ differentiates your ships as being ‘green’ and employing environmental best practice to help you win and more importantly retain premium charter business.

Proof of Ship Emissions Reductions

How can you meet tougher new emissions legislation?

The new IMO Tier II (2011) & Tier III (2016) of MARPOL Annex VI regulations provide even more stringent ship emission limits than the current ones. Tier III regulations in particular require fitting of NOx abatement systems such as SCR’s and proof of their operation whilst in ECA’s. Evolution EMS™ provides the mandatory proof that the system is performing correctly. Our unique DataLINK emissions software in combination with PURPLEFINDER allows you to view your vessels’ air emissions in real time at the touch of a button via the Internet at your desk.