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Importance of Apprenticeships for SMEs

Posted on 9th March 2017

This week marks the 10th National Apprenticeship Week across England. The event aims to bring together employers and apprentices to celebrate the success of apprenticeship schemes whilst encouraging, even more, people to choose an apprenticeship to kick start their career. Apprenticeships are designed to build confidence, learn key skills and gain the qualifications that future employers desire.

Industry skills shortage

A popular myth amongst young people on apprenticeships is that they are only available in certain types of business. However, there are currently 15,000 apprenticeships in different professions across the country. This perception has unfortunately created a huge skills shortage in certain industries.

One industry that has suffered from a shortage of skills in recent years is the engineering and manufacturing industry. Not enough apprentices are coming through in this sector,  meaning that firms are struggling to find the right people they need to expand their operations and fulfil their growth potential.

The impact of Brexit

Another factor which is going to influence the skills shortage in this industry is the upcoming withdrawal from the European Union. Brexit will no doubt affect the free movement of labour across the EU impacting the job market. There has never been a more important time for this country to invest in developing homegrown talent.

The importance of apprenticeships for SMEs

Providing apprenticeships is a mutually beneficial process and the companies hiring apprentices have as much to gain as the workers themselves. It can also boost overall company morale as the decision demonstrates a willingness to invest and develop the workforce.

With a shortage of skills, apprenticeships provide businesses with the perfect opportunity to train and develop aspiring young professionals. There are certain skills young people need to pursue a successful career in manufacturing and these may not always be achievable through further education like college and university.

Experience through a structured training programme

Apprenticeships allow young people the chance to gain on-the-job experience under a structured training programme. These training programmes allow them to work towards specific qualifications and company goals, which is mutually valuable.

A key advantage of recruiting an apprentice is often their loyalty and commitment to the company. Apprenticeships offer the chance to build a dedicated, loyal workforce and should become a fundamental part of SMEs recruitment process.

Martek’s invitation to potential A-players

Here at Martek Marine, we realise the importance of providing apprenticeship programmes to support the local community, develop the engineering and manufacturing sector and to nurture talent to support our own business development. We are always on the hunt for new aspiring professionals who are driven, hard-working and committed to continual professional development. These are what we like to call “A-players”.

If you believe you are a potential A-player who would like to pursue an apprenticeship programme, we openly invite you to get in contact with the team today to see what exciting apprenticeship positions are available in this fast-paced, rapidly growing industry.