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Fleet Wide Defibrillator Order Highlights Trefin Tankers’ Commitment to Crew Welfare

Posted on 17th May 2011

Trefin Tankers (GR) recently equipped their entire fleet of vessels with the Lifeforce AED from Martek Marine to provide effective treatment in the event of any of their crew suffering a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) while at sea.

SCA is the world’s biggest killer claiming the lives of around 3 million people worldwide each year. Using a defibrillator to restore a normal heart rhythm within the first 3 minutes can improve survival rates by up to a staggering 70%. For every minute after this that elapses, the chances of survival reduce by 10%. Without an on-board defibrillator the chances of surviving an SCA at sea are zero.

The Lifeforce AED is the only defibrillator in the world to be Type Approved specifically for use in the hostile marine environment, offering confidence that it can be relied upon to give life saving treatment when it’s needed most.

Trefin place a great deal of importance on the welfare of the men who serve on their vessels and view the provision of a marine approved defibrillator as an important piece of equipment in ensuring their safety.

Speaking about the decision to equip their vessels with the Lifeforce AED, Chartering & Operations Director Mr Efstathiou commented:

“Trefin Tankers are proud to equip their fleet with Lifeforce – the world’s only marine approved defibrillator for treating Sudden Cardiac Arrest at sea. SCA kills three million people every year. By investing in Lifeforce, Trefin have demonstrated their commitment to crew welfare across the globe.”