Be fully ECDIS compliant with no hidden costs or ongoing charges

The Electronic Chart Display & Information Systems (ECDIS) compliance deadline is now less than seven months away so can you afford to bury your head in the sand any longer?

Or can you afford to take hours out of an already busy schedule to read through the regulations and make sure you’re compliant and not at risk of heavy fines or even worse detention?

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ECDIS – Are you confused by the different options available?

We have put together a list of our top 10 ECDIS questions to help you understand what is available on the market today.

Is there more than one way to buy? 

You don’t always have to spend a large chunk of your capital budget on ECDIS. Rental options are available, which will allow you to use your operational budget instead. Choosing a system that has an option to lease can be an attractive alternative and offer various benefits. Click here to read more about leasing options. It is useful to ask if your supplier offers a ‘Buy now pay later’ option.  Continue reading “ECDIS – Are you confused by the different options available?”

What are the advantages of hiring an ECDIS?

Are you ready for your ECDIS compliance deadline? Click here for the latest update.

The last few IHO and IEC ECDIS regulations are fast approaching and the time has come to equip your vessel with the latest technology.

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Are you aware of the implications of not updating your ECDIS System?

The UK Hydrographic Office found that some of their ECDIS systems had old software and charts (Tradewinds, Sept 2016), which could mean risk of safety and time-wasting mistakes in navigation of your ship. A system like iECDIS™ can ensure your charts will always be up-to-date thanks to the multiple update options and easy to use design, putting your mind at ease. Continue reading “Are you aware of the implications of not updating your ECDIS System?”

Canadian Coast Guard To Install ECDIS

Electronic navigation charts vastly improves navigational accuracy and situational awareness at sea and are used by many shipping companies to help operations.

The Canadian Coastguard (CCG) currently has outdated and unsupported Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) equipment on their vessels. In accordance with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) carriage requirements, the CCG plan to upgrade or replace their radar and ECDIS systems currently used on their fleet of about 100 vessels. Continue reading “Canadian Coast Guard To Install ECDIS”