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Canadian Coast Guard To Install ECDIS

Posted on 24th November 2015

Electronic navigation charts vastly improves navigational accuracy and situational awareness at sea and are used by many shipping companies to help operations.

The Canadian Coastguard (CCG) currently has outdated and unsupported Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) equipment on their vessels. In accordance with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) carriage requirements, the CCG plan to upgrade or replace their radar and ECDIS systems currently used on their fleet of about 100 vessels.

ECDIS is a mandatory requirement for new vessels and will be implemented to existing vessels through a timely schedule based on vessel size and gross tonnage. The full implementation of ECDIS is expected to be complete by 2018.

Martek Marine successfully secured a contract with the Canadian Navy in 2010 to supply H2S gas detection system, after satisfying a number of technical and commercial criteria such as cost of system and installation, long term stability, ease of maintenance and mean time between failure (MTBF) performance. The MM2000™ system was installed on board 12 Canadian Navy vessels along with spare parts and support packages.
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