9 NavGuard Benefits

By choosing Navgard™ you get more benefits than you would from any other BNWAS on the market. Here are the top 6 benefits to you:

1) Approved By All Major Classification Societies

Navgard™ is the world’s first and only BNWAS system approved by all major classification societies. This means that if your fleet has ships of different class, you have no need to worry about the risk of a classification society rejecting equipment that is approved by another society or incurring additional certification costs that can be more than the cost of the equipment itself. Continue reading “9 NavGuard Benefits”

Martek get nominated for an Institute of Customer Service award!

We’re pleased to announce that Martek Marine have been shortlisted for an Institute of Customer Service award!

The UK Customer Satisfaction Awards recognises businesses that are committed to WOWing their customers at every contact, from the initial enquiry, to delivering the goods efficiently.

Martek held a raffle draw to determine who would represent the company at the Lancaster London Hotel in the capital, and the lucky winners came up as Executive Assistant Sam Sargent, and Nancy Greaves from the Marketing team. Give a good speech, ladies! Continue reading “Martek get nominated for an Institute of Customer Service award!”

Martek releases first ever network-connected ECDIS

Martek Marine has launched a world-first ECDIS product on the market: the iECDIS.

The iECDIS is the first of its kind to implement a GSM modem, meaning that the downloading and installation of charts and updates will be automatic, without any administrative pressures needed through CD updates. The GSM modem will use a mobile network signal, being able to download changeable weather forecasts and warnings instantly. Continue reading “Martek releases first ever network-connected ECDIS”

Why manufacturers must offer ECDIS leasing

ECDIS, Electronic Chart and Display System, is the name given to the hardware driving shipping’s switch to electronic navigation. Essentially a simplified computer designed for use on a vessel’s bridge, the most basic function of an ECDIS is to display navigational charts on a screen showing the vessel’s position.

It’s the additional functions which really set ECDIS apart from paper charts though – a powerful system of tools, notifications and alerts which provide the navigator with essential, real time information and warnings of potential hazards far ahead of time. Continue reading “Why manufacturers must offer ECDIS leasing”

Poor ECDIS training plays part in maritime accidents, says London P&I

London P&I Club has said that poor crew training in electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS), and therefore their improper use, has been the cause of various recent maritime accidents.

It is crucial that all shipowners make sure that their crew members have been fully trained in how to use ECDIS devices to ensure that any nasty accidents are avoided. In a statement, the firm said: “It is essential that the navigator is not only effectively trained in the proper use of ECDIS, but also understands the limitations of the equipment and its primary role as a decision-support system. With a vast array of ECDIS manufacturers, there is a challenge for the navigator to reach an acceptable degree of competence in a specific onboard system.” Continue reading “Poor ECDIS training plays part in maritime accidents, says London P&I”

New drinking water tests from Martek reduce risk from potentially fatal pathogens

Martek Marine, leading manufacturer of maritime safety equipment, is introducing potable water testing kits to its product range, designed to meet the regulations on drinking water which come into force with the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) in August 2013. The only standard kit guaranteed to meet all legislation and flag state requirements, Drinksafe has been designed to be the easiest kit on the market, providing effective testing for the presence of harmful bacteria and toxins, corrosion related contaminants and pH/Chlorine levels. Continue reading “New drinking water tests from Martek reduce risk from potentially fatal pathogens”