How real is the marine drone threat?

Mosul, Iraq.

In the blazing midday heat, the steady hum of the diesel engine fills there air.
The sound of this armoured vehicle, offering Iraqi Special Forces cover from ISIS sniper fire, is interrupted by an altogether different and deadlier hum.

Bodies scatter, denying an easy grouped target,
Rifles point skyward, as eye’s scan the sky for the small, fast-moving, and deadly threat. The high-pitched whine of the ISIS drone is soon drowned out by automatic rifle fire.

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New Tech – Rough sea or plain sailing?

If you’re going to stay ahead of the pack and survive out front, you need to embrace modern technology.

You don’t need to be a technician to spot how advances in digitalisation, data and analytics have redefined the business landscape.
We’ve seen productivity streamlined, production leap forward and entirely new businesses emerge seemingly overnight.

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