How Ships Manage On-Board Healthcare Without Busting Budgets?

Working at sea is naturally going to limit options when it comes to healthcare: there’s no ER just down the road, no 24 hour emergency walk-in, no GP to hand for managing chronic conditions. The Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC) demands that seafarers have the right to ‘equivalent’ healthcare as their on-shore counterparts – but is this really possible? Continue reading “How Ships Manage On-Board Healthcare Without Busting Budgets?”

Ship Safety Solutions FAQs

How can I ensure that my crew are fit to leave port?

To protect your cargo and ensure the safety of your crew, it’s vital that everyone on board your ship is in good physical shape. The use of Narcoscreen drug testing kits is an efficient, simple way of detecting the presence of the nine drug types set out in the International Maritime Organisation’s standards. Thanks to these kits’ compactness and simple design, you can carry out random drug tests at any time, whether you are at sea or in the port. Continue reading “Ship Safety Solutions FAQs”