Defibrillator saves life of surfer clinically dead for five minutes

When Ryan Kim was found underwater without a pulse and not breathing, he was close to death by drowning. His friend, Dan, rushed to alert the attention of the lifeguards. Soon he was on the back of a Jet Ski and back on dry land, but he still wasn’t out of danger yet.

After 4 sets of CPR the team of experienced lifeguards still couldn’t stabilise the Korean student; he had suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Ryan needed a defibrillator to save his life and he needed it quickly – luckily the Lifeguard tower was equipped with the lifesaving equipment. Enlisting the help of a passer-by, the defibrillator was rushed to the victim’s aid and thankfully reached the scene within a few minutes, increasing the student’s chances of survival dramatically. Continue reading “Defibrillator saves life of surfer clinically dead for five minutes”