If you’re still using DrinkSafe onboard your vessels, or even onshore, you’ll already be aware of the amazing benefit against infrequent onshore lab-based testing.

For a limited time, or as long as stocks last, we’re offering 70% off bacterial plates to use as part of your existing DrinkSafe Kit.

What are bacterial plates used for?

Bacterial plates are used to measure the Heterotrophic plate count (HPC) in your potable water presence of bacteria in your potable water.

A high HPC count is an indicator for ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria. This can be a breeding ground for more dangerous bacteria, such as Legionella or E. Coli, cause foul-tasting water, lead to corrosion or slime growth in pipes.

By testing regularly, you’ll have a better understanding of your HPC and be able to make an informed decision as to the water quality on board.

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Test your water sources every week for just $100

With 70% off bacterial plates, you can test multiple water sources each week for just $100.

The offer can also be used along with any other order, so you can stock up on al your DrinkSafe spares and still take advantage of the huge 70% off bacterial plates.

How to order online

Go to the Martek Marine website and add 14+ bacterial plate packs to your cart.


Use coupon code BAC2020 and your 70% discount will be applied

Want to learn more about on-board bacteria water testing?

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