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Protect your crew, vessels, and cargo by ensuring your gas detection equipment is regularly - and accurately - calibrated. Without regular calibration your equipment may not detect dangerous levels of ammonia - and then you're really in trouble.

Regular calibration does mean you need a reliable supply of calibration gas. Are you using multiple local suppliers across the world for your ammonia calibration gas? There's no need!

Get rid of the hassle of all the paperwork involved in multiple suppliers. You don't need to arrange separate deliveries every time you need more calibration gas. You don't need to spend thousands on wasted calibration gas. You don't need to work around short expiry dates.

FastCalGas is your one-stop-shop global supplier for calibration gas. All of your calibration gas requirements in one place - delivered anywhere in the world! Thanks to large stocks in our international hubs, we can guarantee delivery to you whenever you need it. And, if your vessel misses a delivery due to circumstances out of its control, we'll even re-deliver to the next port free of charge.

Our 27 month lifespan for most gas combination mixtures means you can order large stocks well in advance without worrying about short expiry dates. You can even order up to two years' supply in one go - with just one delivery! - to take advantage of bulk order discounts AND save on delivery costs.

FastCalGas ammonia precision calibration gas comes in two cylinder sizes and the following gas combinations:

  • 25ppm NH3/Air
  • 25ppm NH3/N2
  • 50ppm NH3/N2
  • 50ppm NH3/Air

If you don't see the mixtures you need, be sure to get in touch - we offer bespoke options, too!

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