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Portable Gas Detectors


Marine 4 Portable Gas Detector and ABC Self Certification Station

Complete Portable Gas Detector Solution – A-B-C™

The A-B-C “Always-Be-Calibrated” system has been specifically developed to meet the full requirements of all current legislation for portable gas detectors.

Marine 5™ - Personal Multi-Gas Detector

The Marine 5 allows you to test up to 5 gases, which gives you an opportunity to detect additional specialist gases.

Marine 4 - portable four gas detector.

Marine 4™ - Personal Multi-Gas Detector

MED “Wheel marked” for use on all vessels with simple 1-button operation. The Marine 4 can be supplied with an optional integral pump with flexibility for pre-entry into deep tanks, holds & void spaces.

Marine Tankscape

Marine Tankscape™ - Inerted Cargo Tank & Confined Space Gas Monitoring

The Marine Tankscape is versatile yet simple to use. The feature-rich range of instruments are suitable for all marine applications including confined space monitoring, cargo monitoring and inerting.